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Be Proud and Celebrate

Throughout the month of July, thousands of people celebrate their opportunity to be - and be with - whoever they want, honoring the Stonewall Riots that happened 51 years ago.

As necessary as Pride Month is, one should not be proud only during this time. Just like many other movements, LGBTQ+ pride has to be celebrated every day of every year, in remembrance of the development's icons, that were crucial to beautiful accomplishments, and of everyone else, that day by day progress in their own journey.

Whether we experience it ourselves or are allies, we need to be an active participant in the spread of awareness and acceptance.


Pride and Pride month are really important - as they mean visibility and visibility means normality. We should know that still a lot, a lot of people can not live their sexuality with freedom.

We need to fight for them, for us... and we need to really appreciate what is already made from the previous generations.

We don't need to impose our status, we need to be proud of it, educate people, and ask for acceptance. But that is sometimes really difficult as it is strongly related to mind-set, education, origins, and religion.

Everyone has their own journey, quite tough, personal, and most of the times a "lonely" one  -  because family and friends’ backgrounds are not always supportive.

At the end what matters is your choice, your desire to make a dream come true, and the importance to choose a right "family" of friends...  All this is extremely helpful during the journey.

Every little thing should be acknowledged, appreciated, and celebrated…

That is why we chose a very special place - a place of sunsets, fire, friendships, magic, and freedom - to celebrate our Burning Man Sunset Love Ceremony.

Be yourself, respect, be proud, and celebrate it!


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