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   Mr. George Floyd was publicly strangled to death by four police officers. Instead of being trialled, the police department's action was to fire them, setting them free and proving the unjust privilege that exists within governmental positions. Help us pressure for equal treatment and demand a trial for these officers. They need to face the consequences for their actions, just like everyone else would have to.


How can you get involved?

   1. Sign this petition to push for a trial and demand that the officers be charged with murder. Justice should not be a privilege.


   2. Send us a short video calling for justice that will be used in Color of Change's social media. This video would create pressure for the officers to be held accountable. Once it is done, we will send you the video so you can share it with your friends and family. Please contact us for more information!

We have a voice and we have to use it. Sitting back and expecting that these issues will be solved on their own will never allow us to progress. Please do not look away. Take action in what you believe in, whatever that might be! Educate yourself and take the initiative we all need.

If you strive for equality and a just system, your participation in this movement will be greatly appreciated. We need everyone! Check out Color of Change's website, their social media, and our instagram for more updates.

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